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Indications of Low Testosterone in Men

Every life starts from the fertilization stage. Fertilization is the joining of the male and female cell to form a zygote. The development of the zygote results into an embryo which later develops into a fetus. The body of a baby undergoes growth and development at all times. Growth is the permanent increase in size and shape of the body. Development is the change that takes place in the body.

Adolescent is the middle stage between the adult and baby stage. Adolescent stage differs in both boys and girls. Boys start this stage from the age of fourteen to twenty-one years. It has been realized for girls to start their adolescent stage from 11-19 years of age. It has been known for the development of the secondary sexual characteristics to take place in the adolescent stage. Some of the characteristics of the adolescent stage in boys are broadening of the shoulders, deepening of voice, increase of body size, and development of sexual reproductive parts.

Expect girls to have bigger breasts, wide hips, growth of the pubic hair, and development of the sexual reproductive parts during the adolescent stage. Adolescent stage is very risky to both boys and girls. It is recommended for girls and boys to be given moral and physical support during adolescent stage. Adult stage is accompanied by physical and mental maturity. Reproduction is crucial to the life of adults. It is naturally known for male and female to play a role in production. Fertility is very important when it comes to reproduction. Reproduction is primarily based on the production of the female and male reproductive cells. Male reproductive cell is produced in the testes while female reproductive cell in the ovary. Testosterone and estrogen are involved in the development of the two reproductive parts of both male and female. It has been known for the level of testosterone in males to be advantageous when it comes to reproduction in males. Expect males with low testosterone to experience problems in their reproductive life.

There are various indications of low testosterone in males. Expect men with low testosterone to have extra calorie in their body. It has been noted for the extra cholesterol in the body to open other problems such as obesity and heart diseases. It has been noted for males with low testosterone to have low metabolic rate in their body. Lower metabolism results into low amount of energy in the body. It has been known for low amount of energy in the body to lead to low sex drive and erection problems in males. Men with low testosterone normally have insomnia. According to research, insomnia is dangerous to the mental development. Men with low testosterone lack motivation and concentration in their activities.

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